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Sweet green juice

Our Core Values Are What Keep the Clean Juice Franchise Flowing

Sweet green juice

Clean Juice has grown a lot in the five short years we’ve been franchising, and you know what? Nothing makes us happier than sharing our honest, wholesome, and deliciously healthy menu with more and more communities across the country. Our growth is a reflection of a lot of hard work on our Franchise Partners’ part, and we are so grateful for all that they do. Our growth is also from the commitment of our Home Office and their grinder mentality, and our belief in the Clean Juice organic lifestyle positively impacting people of all ages everywhere. We want to make it easy for individuals and families to enjoy all the benefits that come from healthy eating, and we’re always looking for ways to make that happen.

Clean Juice is Here to Make Organic Eating an Easy + Delicious Habit

When Kat and Landon Eckles started Clean Juice, it was as simple as an extension of their own belief in the importance of clean eating. Kat was growing her own vegetables and feeding her growing family a plethora of healthy organic juices and meals that she was creating in her own sunlit kitchen. She knew she was onto something when friends kept asking her for recipes and suggestions, and from there, Clean Juice was born.

Today, we make sure our menu (which is seasonal in all kinds of tasty ways!) is super easy to access and enjoy, either as a guest in one of our restaurants or on-the-go.

“Clean Juice is a premium brand offering a premium product with the highest-quality organic ingredients sourced, served by our amazing workforce of smiling Juiceristas (staff!),” says Landon. “All of us at Clean Juice genuinely care about serving all people, and we take incredible pride and joy in creating and serving all-natural, organic food and beverage offerings with a smile.”

Right now, eating conveniently and safely is really important to us, and our customized mobile app, which features our Cleanse Club subscription, a modified ‘Create Your Own Organic Combo’ feature, and much more, makes that easy to do. Our partnerships with DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats, as well as our customized branded App, also means our Clean Juice guests can order and eat anything off our menu from the comfort of their home without having to leave their pajamas. We love that, because who doesn’t love eating on their couch in their pajamas?

Our Franchise Partners are the Heart of Our Brand

Like we said from the start, our growth is a direct result of all the hard work our Franchise Partners put in, and we know our brand depends on that. That’s why we focus on their success. Our comprehensive training and support means they can count on us 24/7 to encourage, advise, and prepare them to be their community’s go-to source for wholesome organic goodness. 

We know how special the Clean Juice brand is and we also know how blessed we are to already be a part of the 100+ communities across the US. We’re beyond excited to keep growing and keep helping people live their best lives by eating from our wholesome organic menu, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

Right now is a great time to become part of our robust industry with a Clean Juice franchise, so get in touch today!