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Clean Juice Franchise - Cranberry, PA

Multi-Unit Franchising Comes With Lots of Privileges, and Many of Our Franchise Partners Know It! Meet One of Them!

Clean Juice Franchise - Cranberry, PA

We know how exciting it can be to go into business for yourself, especially when you can partner with a growing and award-winning franchise like the Clean Juice brand — where we take a lot of the guesswork out of running your day-to-day operations. When you can count on a franchisor to help pave the way toward success, it can leave you with more time and energy to devote to growth — and for many of our Franchise Partners, that growth has meant multi-unit franchising! 

Some of them took advantage of our beverage franchise opportunity by signing a multi-unit agreement right away; others added stores one at a time, over time. Either way, they’re enjoying the benefits that come with multi-unit ownership, including greater brand exposure and increased revenue.

One of our Franchise Partners, Ann Marie Laird, came to Clean Juice with plenty of ambition and signed her multi-unit franchising agreement in 2018, knowing she wanted to offer as many people as possible in the Pittsburgh area the wholesome, organic Clean Juice menu. Ann Marie had no experience in the restaurant industry but knew she could count on us to help get her started and stay on track toward success. She opened her first Clean Juice store in December of 2018, with subsequent locations opening in February and November of 2020. 

We sat down with Ann Marie to ask her a few questions about her Clean Juice experience and what it’s been like for her to be part of our beverage franchise opportunity.

What drew you to the Clean Juice brand?

One of the biggest aspects that interested me in becoming a multi-unit Clean Juice franchise owner was the lack of organic, healthy, clean, fast-casual food options around our city — our entire country, actually! Once I explored the company culture and experienced Clean Juice’s 100% USDA-certified organic menu, I knew right away that this was something special and I wanted to be a part of it.

What can you tell potential Franchise Partners about multi-unit ownership?

Be prepared to work hard!! Make sure you spend the time to build a strong, reliable team because you can’t do it by yourself.

How has the Clean Juice corporate team supported you?

The franchise support structure is by far one of the best in the industry. I had support starting from identifying real estate and everything in between, through the buildout of each location. The support continues once the location is opened; they are truly invested in our success. I am grateful for the weekly support and essential information Clean Juice has been providing during COVID-19 — especially now that the brand is the official provider of organic, cold-press juices for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Lemieux Sports Complex, which is the primary practice and training facility for the Pittsburgh Penguins. That’s very exciting!

What’s the best thing about being a part of the Clean Juice brand?

Becoming part of the first and most prolific USDA-certified organic juice bar franchise allows me to serve the Pittsburgh community clean, organically-sourced food without any added sugars. Transparency is one of our core values; we make all of our products in front of our guests and want to be really clear about what we do and who we are, to build customer trust and loyalty. 

What advice can you give to future franchisees or those just starting out?

First, make sure you are passionate about the brand and that your values align with the franchise. Network as much as possible! Ensure that you understand all costs associated with opening the business so that all financial needs are taken into consideration to make sure you don’t fall short. Plan for the unexpected!

Ready to find out more about our multi-unit franchising opportunity? Let’s get the conversation going! Reach out today!