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3 Ways Clean Juice Stands Out in the Juice & Smoothie Industry


Clean Juice is the first and only USDA-certified organic juice and food bar franchise of its kind. However, while we’re very proud of this unique feature of our premium brand, there are other ways our juice franchise stands out in the industry, including our core values and commitment to transparency. Keep on reading to learn more about what makes Clean Juice stands out and why you should consider joining us as Franchise Partners!

The First and Only Organic Juice Franchise

Organic is not something we consider a buzzword or a fad. Our commitment to using organic produce for our food and beverages is connected to our dedication to health and wellness. Clean Juice was founded on this mission and continues to pursue it through our wholesome menu of organic juices, smoothies, wraps, and more.

Not only is organic living better for the body and the environment, but it is also rapidly growing market that is poised for more growth. Millennials, which are the largest group of consumers and organic shoppers, are using their buying power to shape this industry in unprecedented ways. By joining our organic franchise, you’ll be able to take advantage of this unique opportunity as a leader in a robust market.

Core Values That Matter

As a faith-based juice franchise, Clean Juice believes that God is in us and using us in all that we do. Our values helped shape our business and continue to fuel us as we expand in this rapidly growing industry. As a Franchise Partner with us, these values will also help you create a positive environment where everyone is treated with respect and kindness, even if you ever encounter a little chaos. At the end of the day, we believe we are all an equally important piece of the puzzle.

We’re Committed to Transparency

We like to keep everything simple and honest. From our food and beverages to the process of joining our franchise family, everything is straightforward and transparent. As a Franchise Partner, this means you can expect our team to be there to guide you through each development stage of your new store and to answer any questions you may have along the way. Our commitment to transparency is why Clean Juice is a trusted brand not only among consumers but also among those who choose to partner up with us.

Own an Organic Franchise With Clean Juice Today

If you are looking for a unique business opportunity in a growing market, Clean Juice may be the perfect path for you. When you become a Franchise Partner with us, you’ll join us as the first and only USDA-certified organic juice and food bar, promoting health and wellness through an innovative and flavorful menu. We’re waiting to hear from motivated Franchise Partners like you, so schedule a call with us today to request more information and get started on this rewarding process toward franchise ownership.