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Elizabeth Clean Juice Franchise Partner

Key Habits of Highly Effective Clean Juice Franchise Partners

Elizabeth Clean Juice Franchise Partner

At Clean Juice, we’re dedicated to the power of positivity. Those who partner up with us share our values, believe in our mission-based concept, and are passionate about serving love and helping others be healthy in body and strong in spirit. Take a moment to learn about some of Clean Juice's Franchise Partners and their journeys with our juice franchise.


Elizabeth owns a Clean Juice franchise in Edmond, OK and has been juicing and committed to clean, organic eating for 4 years. After her dad passed away from cancer, Elizabeth began battling severe chronic illness. Following in her aunt’s footsteps, she brought out her juicer and began drinking organic celery juice every morning, and began noticing a difference in her health.

Determined to help others experience the same wellness breakthrough, Elizabeth was inspired to own a Clean Juice. She believed partnering with us would give her the opportunity to make a difference in her family’s life and in the lives of others. Her passion for helping others and dedication to healthy living are key habits of an effective Clean Juice Franchise Partner.


Encouraged by his wife to promote good health and serve his community, Elri Parker opened a Clean Juice franchise in Dothan, AL. He believed that, as a Franchise Partner with us, he could improve the lives of others with cleaner, better eating.

“Clean Juice is also a nationally recognized brand with passionate partners, and that’s why I wanted to be part of Clean Juice,” Elri says.

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Like Elri, our Franchise Partners truly live the lifestyle they promote through Clean Juice. Serving healthy, organic food and drinks is more than a business – it’s a core belief that has directly impacted their lives.


Some of our Franchise Partners may not have always been committed to their health, but reached a turning point in their lives when they decided to turn things around. Jigar was suffering from issues related to his liver as a result of overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. He took charge of his life and changed his habits, including his diet, which became focused on clean, organic foods.

“When I came across Clean Juice, I saw the similar interests in the healthy organic lifestyle!” Jigar says. He believed that joining us as a Franchise Partner would allow him to help others embark on their own fitness journey.


Dr. Marcia Schaefer owns a Clean Juice location in DeForest, WI. She felt in her soul that our Juice franchise needed to brought to her community because she wanted others to be healthy and have choices that would improve their lives.

“When I made the choice to start juicing, it was because my other option was death. Now, over a decade past that event, I can use my experiences to inspire hope, action, and empowerment in others,” Dr. Schaefer says.


If you share our passion for promoting good health and are looking to open a smoothie franchise that prides itself on helping others, the team at Clean Juice wants to hear from you. Schedule a call with us today to learn more about this opportunity and what it takes to get started.