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Two Clean Juice female workers smiling

Why Owning a Clean Juice Is Easier Than Ever

Two Clean Juice female workers smiling

Clean Juice embodies fantastic core values and wants its Franchise Partners to have the flexibility to lead meaningful lives that truly impact the health of their community. Keeping this in mind, we've significantly expanded – 131 locations and 70+ in development. That’s 32 states with Clean Juice stores in under 7 years. Clearly there’s an appetite for healthy, fresh, and organic fast food! Did you know that organic is the fastest growing niche in the U.S. food industry? With such growth, you would think we’d spend less time on those core values we cherish…like #2: Fun is Non-negotiable. Absolutely not! Clean Juice has simplified and fine-tuned its operations to keep the guest the center of focus and of course, making it a fun place for positive people to have fun! We made several large changes that make owning and working in a Clean Juice easier than ever.


To reduce some of the operational challenges associated with receiving and prepping organic produce, then pressing and bottling our cold-pressed juices in-house to the strict certification standards, Clean Juice now grows its own organic produce on a farm in California, then cold-presses on site, bottles and pressurizes them to elongate the shelf life. It’s a win-win-win for all parties, including our guests who enjoy farm-to-bottle-fresh tastes!

Landon Eckles, founder of Clean Juice with his wife Kat Eckles, knew that centralizing our cold-pressed bottled juices would simplify the process, and keep them focused on what truly matters - serving the guest with a smile, speed, and a servant’s heart.


This new bottled juice system provides numerous positive results and reduces potential problems. For example, centralized juice can also help minimize labor instability for our owners by reducing the number of employees needed. The High-Pressure Process makes Clean Juice bottled juices more readily available (full fridges are awesome!) and more affordable to guests.


Before a store opens, each Franchise Partner attends hands-on training in a store for several days, then Leadership training at the Home Office for Clean Juice University! During this intense (but really fun) training, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of all things Clean Juice - and meet the entire support team. From recruiting and hiring to leadership and marketing, we make owning a Clean Juice simple and empowering. With over 30 home office experts ready to provide ongoing support, we ensure you have the assistance you need at every stage of your franchise.


Clean Juice was founded in 2014, and a considerable amount has been learned. Our company grows with every franchise, vendor partnership, and daily milestones (which are our happy guests!) by sticking to our core values. We have an award-winning, proven business model that we will continue to simplify as we can, to consistently help our Franchise Partners focus on other areas of their business or their roles as community leaders.


We’ve never made it simpler to own and operate the first and only USDA-certified organic juicer and food bar franchise. We’re excited to grow with you, embracing our innovative production and using all our insightful business systems and tools. Investing in your and your community’s health and wellness is the juiciest opportunity available, so we invite you to reach out today to start your Clean Juice journey. We can’t wait to hear from you!