What to Expect with as a Clean Juice Franchisee

As a Clean Juice Franchisee, you’ll benefit from being part of a respected, recognized brand – and the first and only USDA-certified organic food and juice bar franchise. You’ll also have access to comprehensive training and support every step of the way. To get a better understanding of what it will take to become a health food Franchisee, we’ve included some numbers below. Though these numbers may vary, they should give you some insight into the required investment.

Our team looks at the whole person when deciding on a Franchisee, including all the intangibles, yet we do like for all of our potential partners to meet certain financial requirements.

Here are a few important numbers:

  • Our Franchise Fee: $45,000

  • Liquidity Requirement: $120,000

  • Net Worth Requirement: $500,000

Our Franchise Fee

Our franchise fee of $45,000 for a single unit opportunity grants new Franchisees access to all aspects of our training program. You will also receive all the materials you’ll need to start your own Clean Juice location, along with access to our Home Office team of almost 30 people to help you along the way. Your success is our success and we’re so excited for you to become part of the Clean Juice family!

Royalties & Ongoing Fees

In addition to the franchise fee, you’ll also be required to pay 6% of your gross sales as a monthly royalty and a 2% brand marketing fee (national advertising and other support systems).

Typical Monthly Expenses

Some of your ongoing monthly expenses will include rent, utilities, payroll, local marketing, inventory expenditures, and more. You’ll also need to have liquid capital and financial stability so that you can be ready for any unexpected expenses that may arise, as they often do.

For a more comprehensive overview of Clean Juice’s costs and investment requirements, reach out to us to request a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document.

Our Ideal Candidate

Becoming a Clean Juice Franchise Partner is a great way to take control of your future, make a living, and break free from the corporate world. But it’s also much more than that. It’s an opportunity to embrace your values, meet incredible, like-minded people, and give back to your community. When it comes to our ideal candidate, we don’t limit who we work with, because we know that people with different backgrounds can bring unique strengths to our business. However, we do seek people who have certain traits.

Here's What We Are Looking For In The Ideal Franchisee:

  • Has a genuine interest in health and wellness

  • Has a passion for people and an energy for life

  • Understands the importance of an organic lifestyle

  • Is driven to succeed by always leading with kindness

Resumes serve a purpose, but a person is so much more than that piece of paper. In addition to experience and skills, we look for enthusiasm, heart, and drive – because these attributes make a big difference in succeeding or not. Our founders will take the time to learn about each candidate and spend some one-on-one time with each candidate to get to know them and understand their career goals and aspirations.

Meet Your Support Team 

We have a huge team here at Clean Juice that exists to help your franchise journey! Learn more about all of us by clicking below.

Live the Clean Juice Brand

One important requirement we have of our juice bar Franchisees is that they are very present and actively involved in their business. Being a part of the communities we serve is very important to the Clean Juice brand, which is why we prefer candidates to live where they work. However, we do make exceptions for the right candidates in the right situations, so don’t let that deter you from starting a conversation with our team

If you’re ready to invest in your future with our health food franchise, take the first step today and fill out our contact form.