Veteran Opportunities

Our Smoothie Franchise is Open to Everyone - Especially Veterans!

Clean Juice’s doors are open to everyone when it comes to service and franchise opportunities, and every year, our training and support team make it easier for Franchisees to thrive. Out of our desire to show our appreciation to those who gave so much to our country, Clean Juice offers a 10% discount on our franchise fee for all active and retired service members, which is pretty awesome.

Our franchise opportunity for veterans is a no brainer + Clean Juice wants to be a part of your story. Here’s why:

Veterans Are Our Kind of People

At Clean Juice, we live by our Core Values, and one of them is that “we are grinders,” and when you think of veterans, they’re a breed of people that know everything about grinding. The Bible verse that tags along with this Core Value is Colossians 3:23-24, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord…,” and we know that veterans put their entire heart into everything they do, which is one of the many reasons why owning a Clean Juice is the perfect franchise opportunity for veterans.

We Want Nothing More Than to Help Others, Too

Clean Juice not only focuses on helping build stronger and healthier communities, but we also strive to make a difference within our communities. We came up with an idea called Quarters 4 Kids (Q4K) where we ask guests to donate a quarter with their purchase, and through this, we’ve partnered with Make an Impact with the goal of helping children. So far, we’ve raised $22,000, which will go towards bettering the lives of at-risk youth. Outside of this, every day we strive to work hard in order to help our Clean Juice communities across the country enjoy the amazing benefits of clean, organic eating, which not only helps with physical health, but it also helps with mental and internal health.

Transitioning Into Civilian Life Is Easier When You Have a Family Like Clean Juice

According to the International Franchise Association, 1 of every 7 franchises in America is owned by a veteran. The franchise model is a popular way for veterans to get back into civilian life because it allows veterans to use many of the skills that served them well while they were serving our country.

Benefits to Franchising With Clean Juice

If you’re a veteran who wants to continue a life of service as a civilian, Clean Juice offers veteran-friendly franchise opportunities, which could be the best fit for your heart, mind, and personality, and here’s why:

  • You’ll be in business for yourself, which gives you greater flexibility in your schedule and freedom for your personal life.

  • You can use many of the skills that helped you succeed in the military, like leadership, scheduling, teamwork, organization, and so much more.

  • You can continue to serve your community by offering our delicious organic menu that appeals to all demographics and being a part of our community outreach programs.

Meet Your Support Team 

We have a huge team here at Clean Juice that exists to help your franchise journey! Learn more about all of us by clicking below.

You Have a Team Backing You Up The Whole Way

The military is based on comradery, leadership, brotherhood and sisterhood, being a voice and using it, and working as a team, and when you’re a part of the Clean Juice family, all of that comes into play. This kind of experience makes Clean Juice the perfect franchise for veterans because, as a Clean Juice Franchisee, you’ll be overseeing your staff, making important business decisions, and interacting with your community as a leader.

Ready to find out more about a Clean Juice franchise for veterans? Reach out today, and let’s get the conversation going!

We Are Here For You

Best of all, you have a team backing you up every step of the way. When you join the Clean Juice franchise family, you can count on:

  • Initial training that goes over all the day-to-day aspects of running your franchise

  • Help finding and building out the perfect location for your franchise

  • Important supply chain and vendor support

  • Guidance with hiring and training friendly juiceristas

  • Marketing help to reach your best guests

As you can see, our franchise opportunity for veterans is an amazing way to continue making meaningful contributions to your community once you’ve left the service, and we hope you’ll join us! And lastly, if you’re a veteran, thank you so much for your service.

Training & Support

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