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Our People

The Hearts & Minds Behind Our Organic Food Franchise

There are many aspects of our business that set us apart from other juice and smoothie franchises. Our organic offerings, our faith-based approach to business, and the deep level of support we provide our Franchisees are just a few. But it’s our people that truly differentiate us from our competitors. From our franchise leadership team down to our Juiceristas, who are the friendly faces of our operations our people embody the Clean Juice culture: fun, friendly, outgoing, vibrant, and authentic. By incorporating engaging contests and games, we’ve built a culture of fun and an environment where people love to work.

Without the right people, we wouldn’t be able to provide outstanding guest experiences. We wouldn’t be able to deliver the best in organic juice and foods. And we certainly wouldn’t love what we do as much as we do. The key to the success of our team and our smoothie franchise is that we all share the same values and work together to make our company, our juice bars, and our communities better.

We have a team of industry experts ready to help you set up your new business. We are so excited for you to join our Clean Juice family. Get to know a little about our team below!