Create a Family Legacy

Turn Your Health Food Franchise into a Lasting Legacy

Clean Juice is so much more than just a food and juice bar franchise – it’s a family-friendly, faith-based brand that offers our partners the chance to live their dreams, make a difference in their communities, and pass their legacy on to the next generation. Our business was founded on the core values of respect, gratitude, and positivity, and these are present in everything we do. From the people we hire to the culture we have created in our stores, we set ourselves apart from other juice bar franchises and are the ideal choice for people who want to create a family legacy to pass down.

Clean Juice is proud to be one of the brands that make legacy ownership an easy transition for families and children of Franchise Partners. As a core value-focused, feel-good franchise, you’ll quickly see that Clean Juice isn’t like many other brands. Our focus on being healthy and 100% USDA-certified organic puts us in a league of our own (and the awards speak for themselves). We are also focused on hiring people who share our values and are committed to providing outstanding guest experiences.

When you first become a health food Franchise Partner, setting up a legacy for your family might not be at the forefront of your thinking, and that’s okay: we’re here to help you set goals for yourself and your family. It’s obvious that Franchise Partners want to have a successful business, but something else to consider is how franchising can be a great way to provide a valuable and sustainable income source for your children or spouse.

How to Prepare for Passing the Torch

A lot of families that have been in franchising have children that are considering operating existing or opening new franchises. By creating a “family-owned” business from the start, you set yourself up with a way to invest in a franchise and a plan for the future. Developing a succession plan is a good way to set up your franchise business for eventual transfer. It may be beneficial to have your adult children or partner available to work in the business to help them learn, but it’s not necessary.

It’s a good idea to consider estate planning sooner than later and consult a CPA and estate planning attorney. Together, your team of advisors will be able to dive deep into the intricacies of the process. Having a succession plan in place can help you ensure that your family is cared for. Creating a job description for your successor is also a good idea, as it helps determine the qualities your successor should possess to run the business successfully.

Another good idea is to identify your successor(s), be it an adult child, spouse, or devoted employee. You’ll know who is best fit for the job and who will continue the business successfully. In declaring a successor, you’ll be able to begin training them far in advance, so by the time comes for you to relinquish control, they’ll be more than ready. By planning for the future, you can see to it that your succession plans are handled as you would like without worrying about legal loopholes or confusing jargon.

Why Franchise?

When you grow up in a franchising family, you know that it’s a great way to go into business for yourself, and it makes all the difference in the world when you have the support of your franchisor.

One of the many benefits of passing down a franchised business to your family is that franchising can help eliminate many of the associated problems with transferring your business. Franchising provides existing solutions, models, and processes to make owning a business as simple as possible. These systems are in place to ensure your successor will be set up for success, and you’ve secured your legacy with confidence. Additionally, they will be able to provide training and assistance, often throughout the life of your business.

We Are Here For You

The Clean Juice franchise offers several industry advantages. In addition to being in a robust market, we provide:

  • Real estate assistance

  • Existing vendor and supplier relationships

  • Home office experts

  • A strong brand following on social media

Another benefit of franchising is that it creates a potential career path for your children. Most franchise contracts are 10-year agreements, which makes them easier to pass on to your children. There is peace of mind knowing that the franchisor you’re working with will provide your family with support to keep the business on track and profitable.

Ready to join the Clean Juice family? Please feel free to reach out, and a member of our smoothie franchise development team will be in touch.

Meet Your Support Team 

We have a huge team here at Clean Juice that exists to help your franchise journey! Learn more about all of us by clicking below.

Looking Ahead

Your franchisor may reserve the right to approve the ownership transfer, require a waiting period, or apply transfer fees to the transaction. By doing some of the legwork ahead of time, you can prepare for how your franchisor handles the process and plan for the future.

If you have no successors lined up, you can opt for the resale option. Most franchise businesses offer resale services; however, your franchisor will likely have final say over the sale. This option allows for you to leave cash to your family instead of the actual business.

Even if you haven’t been planning your succession since day one, it’s never too late to decide and start making arrangements now. You can build a financial future for your family, knowing that they will be in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

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