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Hear from Our Juice Bar Franchisees

Clean Juice has helped business professionals and entrepreneurs throughout the country build businesses they can be proud of and feel good about! Owning a Clean Juice franchise is about so much more than just opening a juice bar. It’s about making a difference in the lives of people in your community and embracing a fun, exciting, and rewarding future for yourself. The best measure of success for a franchise is the happiness of its partners.

Read some of the testimonials from our organic health food Franchisees to learn more about what you can expect when you join our family.

Hear What Our Franchisees Have To Say 

Franchisees Spill The Juice
  • Jenna Steakley and family
    My most recent Clean Juice experience lead me to this opportunity. The people were lovely, the almond toast was on point, and I felt as if I couldn't live without it. I adore the messages and organic products that Clean Juice puts out. Bible verses on every cup? Yes, please. Our community is in need of healthy conscious food/drink. In a town full of large chains and fast food, I'd love to help clean it up.

    - Jenna Steakley

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  • Bryan Lindloff and family
    When I found Clean Juice online it was if there was a sign posted on my path with a bog arrow pointing the correct way to go. I've had a good deal of success in the business world. I've hired and trained some wonderful people, worked with some fantastic customers but I've always felt like was missing. I felt like Clean Juice is that something that was missing. A company that I can feel passionate about and make a difference in the habits of other. That is the why to me!

    - Bryan Lindloff

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  • Meagen McCusker and family
    I have been interested in food and clean living since I was a child. I am excited about enhancing. my community, providing a family run business for my family and bringing a healthy food option to my town.

    - Meagen McCusker

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  • Sherri Fink and family
    When I discovered Clean Juice I fell in love. All my passions rolled into one. When I looked up locations in Minnesota and found none. I felt God directing me to the possibility of owning a Clean Juice.

    - Sherri Fink

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  • Clean Juice owner with her son
    It’s all about using the fresh ingredients and organic fruits and veggies that make a big difference and simultaneously making everything tastier and healthier. Owning a Clean Juice gives me the opportunity to grow my franchise and get my kids involved a few times a week. Both kids are on two different hockey teams and it just makes community involvement easier for us.

    - Anbreen Khan

    Las Vegas