Marketing Services

Unparalleled Support for Our Juice Franchisees

Clean Juice is revolutionizing the organic smoothie and juice bar industry – not just in the type of healthy food we serve - but in the support we offer our franchisees.

Our Marketing Services team works with you in providing an outstanding guest experience - the start to any successful marketing effort. Once 4-wall marketing is mastered, then the team works with each franchisee to create a marketing strategy that helps drive awareness, consideration and trial, with the ultimate goal of generating raving fans that keep coming back!

Clean Juice assists you in your local, regional and national marketing through the company's in-house digital advertising program, content creation, influencer marketing strategy, in-store material development and a multi-faceted B2B effort to generate catering orders. Together, we work together to help you grow your business.

Our Target Audience

Our marketing services team helps you target the right people at the right time with the right message. Our focus is attracting new guests who have a strong interest in health and wellness like working out, and eating healthy, particularly organic.

Learn about our Training & Support to see how we help our smoothie Franchise Partners every step of the way.

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