Marketing Services

Unparalleled Support for Our Juice Franchise Partners

Clean Juice is revolutionizing the organic smoothie and juice bar industry – not just in the type of healthy food we serve - but in the support we offer our business owners. We are more than a juice bar franchise that makes smoothies, we provide access to healthy, fast, organic food that tastes amazing - and keeps you feeling great.

Our marketing strategy begins with providing an outstanding guest experience - inherent in being a faith-based company that leads with love. To convey this commitment, and separate ourselves from the competition, Clean Juice Franchise Partners receive special attention from a dedicated marketing team solely focused on getting new guests through your doors – and keeping them coming back.

Clean Juice assists you with every aspect of your marketing including an in-house digital advertising program, video and photographic assets for social media, new store opening support, as well as traditional media buys (like radio and direct mail) through a variety of national partnerships. We work hand in hand with each owner in developing a custom plan that drives results.

Our Target Audience

What makes Clean Juice such an appealing opportunity is that we have a wide target audience. Simply put, our health food franchise is appealing to both men and women, particularly those aged 30 – 55, and just about anyone living or looking to live more healthily. Our marketing team will target people with a genuine interest in health and wellness as well as those who appreciate the organic lifestyle.

Learn about our Training & Support to see how we help our smoothie Franchise Partners every step of the way.

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